Clash Of Clans Bot

A free, stable & safe Clash Of Clans farming bot
Created by the CoC Community.

Max your base and troops in no-time!

With an exclusive & new stealth (anti-warden) technology that will guarantee and make sure you'll never get banned.

About CoCBot(Clash of Clans Bot)

Never again undergo the tedious pressing of "Next" for hours on end just for barely any resources. With ClashOfClansBot you can potentially earn over 20 million gold and elixir a day, and no, you won't be banned, guaranteed! This means you can focus all of your time on Clan Wars and Strategies!

CoCBot is a free Clash Of Clans farming bot. It will keep you online constantly, collect resources, train troops and raid for loot unceasingly and donate to your clan! It is also highly customizable and contains many other features.

CoCBot runs on your PC and supports Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, you'll have to install the BlueStacks Android emulator to use the bot.

Download Premium Edition Now!

For a limited time only you can download ClashOfClansBot for FREE.
We might consider putting a price on the bot soon!

If you can't open the file, use WinRAR!

If you have any feature requests, send them over at [email protected]!

Latest version is 8.7 (working with the latest update)

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The features which are included in our latest bot include:

  • Anti-ban Protection
  • Auto Wall upgrade
  • Buildings upgrading queue
  • Research lab upgrade queue
  • Smarter troop training & deployment (all type of troops and dark troops!)
  • The ability to define simple strategies or customize the strategy to details
  • Deploy troops near red lines
  • Deploy troops near collector buildings
  • TownHall sniping and bullying (looking&targeting TH outside the walls).
  • Defining different condition on when to end a battle.
  • Option to connect with Pushbullet system to inform on everything
  • Other advanced optimizations and surprises!

After the completion of a quick offer on the download page, you will immediately be able to download the bot and enjoy automated raiding at its finest!

Current version: 8.7


Within 3 simple steps (10 minutes), you'll be able to start using ClashOfClansBot:

First: Install BlueStacks

You will need to install the BlueStacks Android emulator, you can download it from here. The BlueStacks insallation is a simple wizard, just download & follow the instructions.
If you are not sure how to do so, here is YouTube video which shows the installation process step-by-step.

Second: Connect your CoC account

You'll need to install Clash Of Clans on your fresh BlueStacks, you will now need to log-in into your Google account (if you are an android user) or create a new account.

  • Open BlueStacks emulator, click on "Search", type: "Clash of Clans" and click on the clash of clans app icon.
  • You will now be asked to sign-in or create a Google account, if you have a CoC village already connected to your google account, you'll have to use it now. Otherwise just create a new one.
  • Now just install Clash Of Clans (click on the app icon again). Open the Clash Of Clans application and connect your account using the "Sign-in" button on the top-left (Don't do the game tutorial).

Here is a YouTube video that shows how to do so step-by-step.

Third: Install & run the ClashOfClansBot bot

Once you have Clash Of Clans running on your BlueStack, if you haven't already done so, download & install the ClashOfClansBot bot, you will have the bot icon on your desktop and in your start menu. When using the bot for the first time you'll need to tweak some values before starting the bot. After starting the bot for the first time, you'll receive a message and a reboot to your PC will be required since ClashOfClansBot modified the graphic settings for BlueStacks.
When you're finished, just click on "Start Bot".

Important settings:

  • Max Trophy - Under the General tab, the bot will automatically lose a raid when reaching this tropy level.
  • Minimum Gold/Elixir - Under the Search tab, this sets the minimum amount of resources a target should have before launching a raid on it.
  • Attack Dead/All Bases - Under the Attack tab, this will set whether just to attack bases with full collectors or every base that meets the minimum resources condition.

More Important Notes:

  • The BlueStacks windows has to run on the foreground and the mouse pointer shouldn't be on it (move the mouse pointer outside the BlueStacks window).

It should look like this.


Q: I get a "Barracks not found"/"Barracks not available".

A: Usually removing ClashOfClansBot directory from Program Files (x86), and reinstalling the bot with "Run as administrator" works.
If the problem still persists, reinstall BlueStacks completly (read the answer of the next question)

Q: Error: The Bot doesn't detect my TH level / I get: Subscript used on non-accessible variable

A: Usually removing ClashOfClansBot from Program Files (x86), and reinstalling it with "Run as administrator" solves the issue.
If it will not solve it:
1) Remove the BlueStacks apps completely using the windows Add/Remove programs.
2) Reboot the computer.
3) Download and install BlueStacks from their website.
4) Install CoC again and make sure both CoC and BlueStacks are in english!
5) Start the bot.

Q: When selecting a certain traning method under "Troops", sometimes the bot doesn't train the correct troop types.

A: It is a bug we currently have, the premium version has new mechanism so it doesn't have this problem, the free version will soon be fixed.

Q: How to use the Pushbullet option with ClashOfClansBot bot?

A: To Set Up PushBullet:
Go to and create an account
On your smart phone, Download PushBullet & Sign In
To Use PushBullet:
Go to and copy the "Access Token"
In the ClashOfClansBot GUI paste that Access Token
Check the CheckBoxes you want

Q: Does the Background mode work?

A: Only sometimes! depending on the mood of BlueStacks.

Q: Sometimes the wall upgrade feature misses my walls, why?

A: It depends on the layout of the base mainly, it doesn't work on the walls 100%.

Q: Clash of clans is not zooming out correctly, what can I do?

A: This is usually due to an error with Bluestacks,
Please do the following:
1) Uninstall Bluestacks from Windows (using add/remove programs).
2) Reboot the PC.
3) Install Bluestacks again from their website, and configure COC.
4) Run the bot.
This should solve your problem.

Q: Can I run this bot on iOS/Android/Mac ?

A: For now our only supported platform is Windows (Windows Vistas and newer, includes Windows 10).

Q: Can I get banned using ClashOfClansBot ?

A: No! You will never get banned since we developed a very elusive algorithm that will always evade detection.

Q: Does ClashOfClansBot work on Windows 10?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Does ClashOfClansBot work on the latest Bluestacks version?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: What are the best settings for ClashOfClansBot?

A: It really depends on each individual and it's totally different for each level. Usually changing the settings every few hours to see what gives the best result is a good idea.